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Dry eye 


Dr. Kaur is passionate about helping patients with dry eye disease. When left untreated, it can eventually lead to severely debilitating symptoms affecting the quality of life. Early intervention is key in managing this complex and chronic disease. 


We start with a short questionnaire to determine what symptoms you're experiencing, how long you've been experiencing those symptoms, and if you have tried anything to relieve your dry eye symptoms, such as over-the-counter drops or previous treatments. Using that questionnaire, we can determine how to proceed and what diagnostic tests we can perform. 

Your dry eye evaluation will include an evaluation of:

  • The upper and lower eyelid and lashes
  • Cornea and conjunctiva

  • Quantity and quality of tear film

  • Secretion of meibomian glands

  • The rate at which tear film evaporates

  • Signs of allergy, inflammation, and infection of your eyes and eyelids

Meibomian Gland Dysfunction.jpg
Dry eye cornea - Bonney Lake, WA

Once we determine the underlying cause of your dry eye, a personalized treatment plan will be developed. Your treatment may include clearning biofilm from eyelid margin, anti-inflammatory drops, nutritional supplements  and expression of meibomian glands.


Dry eye syndrome is a chronic and progressive condition and there is no quick cure.  It takes a combination of modalities to achive a cure for your dry eye.

At the end of your dry eye assessment, you will receive an accurate diagnosis and personalized written treatment plan. 

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