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Why Eye Exams Are Important For Kids

Eye exams for children are very important to make sure your child's eyes are healthy and have no vision problems that could interfere with their vision development and learning in school.

When to schedule your child's eye exam

Children should have their first comprehensive eye exam at 6 months of age. They then should have their eyes examined at age 3 and just before they enter the first grade — at about age 5 or 6. School-aged children should have an eye exam at least every two years if no vision correction is required. Children who need eyeglasses or contact lenses should be examined annually or as recommended by your eye doctor.

How do we perform an eye exam on kids?

  • Vision Test - The exam typically includes testing vision using shapes and/or number and letters if the child knows them.

  • Pupil Test - We check to see how pupils respond to light.

  • Eye Movement - Use a penlight or a lit toy to check eye movement and alignment.

Sometimes it's also necessary for your child's eyes to be dilated to figure out the correct prescription needed for glasses.

Make sure to schedule your child's eye exam if they haven't had one. Some vision problems such as lazy eye are best treated if detected early!

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